Welcome to the all new Audience of One! Do take a seat.

For those new to the blog, a warm welcome. I’ve been doing this blogging thing on/off since about 2001, and on this website since 2005. However the time has come for a fresh start. I’ve written a lot of stuff here over the years – some worth preserving, some best forgotten. The idea behind the relaunch is that I can repost some of the good stuff alongside new entries.

I write as a follower of Jesus, whose aim is to live my whole life – at work, at home, with family, friends or colleagues – for him, the audience of one from whom this website takes its name. My hope is that this blog will be read by those who know and love the Lord Jesus and want to know and love him more. I want to share the best of what I’m hearing from others, as well as contributing myself. A common focus will be issues relating to university students, but my aim is not to be exclusive in my audience.

I hope you find it encouraging!